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We Take Pride in Supplying You With The Best Products...

V.A. Derrick Distributors (VADD) has been serving Antigua & Barbuda for over 50+ years. We are your authorized agent for Shell Engine Oils and Lubricants that are designed for ultimate engine performance. We are also very proud to be the home of Grandad’s Garden Goodness Natural Fertilizer – a 100% Organic vermi-compost blend that helps plants to grow stronger, faster and healthier. 


The World’s Top Manufacturers Choose Shell Lubricants As Their First-Fill Engine Oil For New Vehicles In Their Factories And Continue To Trust Shell For Ongoing Servicing To Ensure Both Vehicle Protection and Performance

Grandad’s Garden Goodness Natural Fertilizer is a 100% organic blend of vermi-compost. Feed your plants by either spraying directly onto their leaves (folio feed), or pour into the soil for root absorption.

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